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Business Information

I started this site to learn "xhtml" & found a way to help my local

Volunteer "Community Groups"

It then just "GREW" from there!

For each

Volunteer "Community Group"

I will 'create' a "Community Capsule" (of 5 pages) and give 5 x 1 page listings of their major Sponsors Businesses, as well as a page each for 3 'Volunteer Groups' in their area:


Each "Community Capsule" & 'Sponsors' page, can have the following, & form part of the
"Terms of Use, Service & Conditions"

As a 'Community Group' or 'Organisation', you will get:

Sponsor pages.

This site is Rated!

Business pages as a 'Sponsor'.

Our "Community Groups & Organizations" do a great job,
and this is just a 'tool' available to them, to help

give their 'Community Group' a 'Web Presence' and to reward
5 Sponsors of your Group or Organisation with their own
'Web Presence'

It also gives the average 'battler' a chance to have their
OWN Business Web-presence,
at no charge to the Business as a 'Sponsor' of their local organisation.

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