Goandra near 'Kiandra' - "Snowy Mountains" NSW
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Tumut Model
"Community Capsule"

Welcome to the Tumut "Community Capsule" Model.
The pages contained in this model "Capsule" all work and Showcase the Tumut District. Your 'Capsule will of course, reflect YOUR district or area.
Please feel free to explore them


This page would be your "Index" page for your Community Group. On it would be placed your Welcome to visitors viewing your 'Community Capsule'.

The 'Header' photo can be changed to reflect your District or 'Community Group' and if you have a 'logo' it can be placed here also. The smaller photo can be a picture of your Group or Organisations premises or a photo of your choosing.
You can also have the 'background' changed to your liking.

Above you will notice the 'Site map Links'This is to my main site and will be included on ALL pages. This page (the index page) and the 'TM Sponsors, TM District, Tumut Volunteers and TM Maps' links, are all contained within your 'Capsule', again, those pages contents, would reflect YOUR Organisation or Groups interests. They all will have the same 'theme' (background, header, layout etc, of your choosing or supply there-of) which will be unique to your 'Community Group' and will highlight the area that is covered by your Groups location.

The 'TM Sponsors' link shows which Businesses are 'Sponsors' of your Group and will have direct links to 'individual' pages of those businesses as viewed here  Sample Sponsor

Those Sponsors Businesses will also be included on the 'Main' sites 'Business' page, giving them 2 links and linking to their own pages.

The 'TM District' link will take you to a page that will highlight your District via links to various features or attractions within your District, as it 'highlights the Tumut District', in this particular model, and will be replaced with those requested by your own Groups choices.

The 'TM Volunteers' link will introduce other 'Volunteer' Organisations within your District. They will not be as extensive as the "Tumut District Community Transport" (as they virtually have their own 'Capsule') but will have contact details similar to a 'Sponsors' page.

The 'TM Maps' link will take you to a page that gives outline maps of the towns in your area but may not be available on all 'Capsules'. I have a 'License Agreement' with Maps Safety Data to display them, where available.

The rest of the links are self explanitory and are included in ALL 'Community Capsules'.

Tumut Model  "Our Community Capsule"

This could be your Groups 'Community Capsule' so contact me if you are interested.

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