Goandra near 'Kiandra' - "Snowy Mountains" NSW
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Regional Maps
For the Tumut area.
Map showing the layout of the Town of Tumut.
Tumut Shire - NSW - 2720
Location: 31 klms inland from Gundagai
Population: 6,300
Elevation: 280m
Tumut Show: Early March.
Annual Festival:
"Festival of the Falling Leaf" - Last weekend in April.
Area interests: Tumut 3 Power Station, 40 mins - Yarrangobilly Caves, 1hr 20min - Mt Selwyn Snowfields, 1hr 40min
Map showing the layout of the Town of Adelong.
Adelong Township - NSW - 2729 - Tumut Shire
Population: 1,300
Elevation: 330m
Location: 20 klms from Tumut
Adelong Show March each year
Annual Festival:
"Gold & Antique Fair" April each year
Area interests: - Adelong Falls 5 mins - "Gold-mining", 5 mins
Map showing the layout of the Town of Batlow.
Batlow Township - NSW - 2730 - Tumut Shire
Population: 930
Elevation: 775m
Location: 33 klms from Tumut
Annual Festival: "Apple Blossom Festival"
End of October
Area interests: - Hume & Hovell Lookout - Pilot Hill Forest Park Arboretum 10-15 mins
Map showing the layout of the Town of Gundagai.
Gundagai Township - NSW - 2722 - Gundagai Shire
Population: 3,763
Elevation: 260m
Location: 31 klms from Tumut on the Hume Hwy - ½ way from Sydney & Melbourne.
Annual Festival: "Dog on the Tuckerbox Festival" - Usually Nov each year
Area interests: - "Dog on the Tucker-box" & "Snake Gully" 8 mins
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