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Privacy Policy

Please read carefully!

My 'Privacy' Policy.
This policy applies only to and not to other 'companies' or 'organisations' websites to which is linked.
Please read their Privacy Policies.

# Other sites - This Privacy Policy applies to web sites and services that are owned and operated by "bizlinedirectAus". We do not exercise control over the sites displayed as links from within our various pages or services. These 'linked' sites may place their own cookies or other files on your computer, collect data or solicit personal information from you. THIS SITE ( however, DOES NOT operate that way!

ALL 'links' however have been 'checked' for suitable and appropriate "Child-safe" content for display, and are checked regularly!

This 'site' does not collect any 'data' other than that supplied for 'Public display" as agreed to and under the "Terms of Use, Services & Conditions" - NO 'cookies' are sent to your computer, EVER!

I may disclose your personal information to a person or company that subsequently owns or maintains the Web Site, but only if that person or company agrees to comply with the provisions of this Privacy Policy with respect to the use of your information, or to State or Federal Agency requests, ONLY if directed to do so by Law.

Sale of names or e-mail addresses.
* I will never sell, rent, or give away your address to any outside party, ever!!
* I will never send you any un-requested e-mail nor knowingly, cause any to be sent.

Exceptions to this are:-
Initial contact to advise your page is loaded - Responding to a query from you - Inviting you to purchase a Business page after Sponsorship of your "Community Group or Station" has lapsed - Or if your Business page is due for renewal.
As my skills develop and knowledge increases, I may from time to time re-build the pages employing these new techniques, so will inform you of such.

Changes to the Privacy Policy.
I reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy from time to time at my discretion. If I modify this Privacy Policy, I will post the revised Privacy Policy on the Web Site, and the revised Privacy Policy will take effect 30 days after posting. I will attempt to notify you of the posting through the e-mail address you provided.
It is your responsibility to read e-mail messages from me and to periodically review this Privacy Policy page.

Complaints About Privacy.
If you have any complaints relating to online privacy issues on my website, please notify bizlinedirectAus at Privacy Complaint - I will investigate all complaints or TTY FREECALL 1800 620 241 or e-mail direct to: Federal Privacy Commissioner.

Nothing in these pages shall be taken to constitute business, legal or other professional advice and is provided for your information only. Always consult a suitably qualified consultant on any specific problem or matter. "" assumes no responsibility for information contained on this site and disclaims all liability in respect of such information. Every endeavour will be made to ensure it's accuracy.

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