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63 - 65 Russell Street Tumut NSW 2720
Ph: (02) 6947 1277
Fax: (02) 6947 3833
e-mail: Tumut Sub-Branch RSL

Tumut Sub-Branch

Yesterdays generation today.

Tumut Sub-Branch R.S.L



  • President:
       Robert Watson
  • Vice-President:
       Geoffrey Williamson
  • Secretary:
       Lyn Devereux
  • Treasurer:
       Ken Fitzgerald
  • Pension Officer:
       Steve Fisher
  • Welfare Officer:
       Bruce Tuncks
  • Sub-Branch
       2nd Friday of month
    at 1900 hrs
  • Homes Committee
       3rd Thursday of month
    at 1400 hrs
  • Ladies Auxillary
       Meets 3rd Thursday
    at 1400 hrs
  • Welfare Section
       Meets Thursday
    1000 hrs
  • Pension Section
       Meets Thursday
    1000 hrs

What is the "RSL Sub-Branch"
and how is it different from the "RSL Club"?

The "Returned & Services League of Australia" was formed as an organization to look after the welfare of members who served in the Great War. See the RSL website at:
      Returned & Services League, Australia

Tumut Sub-Branch RSL is a sub-branch of RSL of Australia- NSW State Branch.

The League has State branches which in turn have Sub-Branches. Tumut Sub-Branch is one of 1500 such sub-branches around the nation, with a total of 240 000 members.

The Tumut Sub-Branch is the owner of the property on which the Tumut RSL Club is build.

The RSL Clubs grew from the Sub-Branch as a place that provided facilities for diggers to meet & relax. Today some RSL Clubs have no effective connection with the Returned & Services League.

The Tumut RSL Club is a registered club that caters for a wide variety of community members who can become a member regardless of whether they have any connection with the Sub-Branch.

However the Tumut Sub-Branch & Tumut RSL Club have a close & supporting relationship.

The Club provides the office space for the Sub-Branch & actively supports the activities of the Sub-Branch.

A room has been made available as a museum to house items of interest & historical significance.

The "Jack Ryan VC" diorama is displayed in the Club, as is the "Honour Roll".

The work of the Tumut Sub-Branch RSL is to be supportive of the Welfare of the previously serving members & their families.

In this regard much effort & money is directed towards assistance in obtaining benefits & support for which members & their family are entitled.

The other major focus is the provision of accommodation for those in need. The Sub-Branch provides accommodation for 22 members in Tumut. The bulk of the time & money spent by the Sub-Branch goes to this cause.

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