"Tumut District Community Transport"

(A part of the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP))

(A non-profit Organisation)

Kindly auspiced by Snowy Valleys Council

Please call 6941 2591 for bookings
or 6949 5641 for Talbingo..


So you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, huh?
Well good for you!

Here we have listed some information to help you, to help us!
Without your assistance, our job would be much harder.
Many people in our Community, would miss out on having access to a service which gets them out of the house and into the Community.

This service, enables those people to visit friends and family, and to be able to keep Doctors appointments, both locally and in the surrounding main centers! Even for that trip to see their hairdresser or to do their weekly shopping!

These little things can and do mean, so much to them. But it is only with your help, that we can do it!

Please do consider becoming a Volunteer, it is a wonderful experience!

Whilst we would appreciate you volunteering your time,
there are certain Rights & Responsibilities for all concerned!

The Service's:



The Volunteer's:



Because of the nature of our Service,
a Police check is required of ALL our Volunteer drivers!

A current Drivers License, must be produced to the Service Coordinator on request.

Reimbursement of Expenses!

On your "Out of town trips," if you are away for the luncheon period, you will be provided with a meal allowance of $10.00 to cover your lunch.

"Volunteer's" Insurance Cover!

Whilst working for "Tumut District Community Transport",
you are covered by the following Insurance:

Personal Accident. (Age 15 - 90)

Death or Permanent total disablement as a result of accident or injury: $300,000
Disablement - up to 75% of weekly earnings (if employed) to a maximum weekly benefit of $3,200
- Limited to 156 weeks -

The Insurance will pay the cost of expenses not otherwise recoverable for non-medical benefits or out of pocket expenses, such as physiotherapy - ambulance services & medical supplies, to a maximum of $20,000.

Cover only applies when engaged in "Tumut District Community Transport" work, and applies from the time you leave your place of residence/work to carry out your voluntary work, until you return home/work!
Provided that you travel directly form/to your place of residence/work!

N.B. Policy can not cover benefits or gap payable by Medicare or your Private Health Fund!
Terms & Conditions apply. Please read "Policy" for more information!

Volunteer Vehicles - Must have your own cover!

From time to time, Volunteers may use their own vehicles. However, due to "Legislative" requirements, there are strict guide-lines to be followed.
If you have a particular need to use your own vehicle, please enquire of the "Coordinator" to ensure you fall within the guide-lines!
~"~ Also ensure your own Policy allows you to as well ~"~

"Carer- Assistant" in vehicle"

for "Tumut District Community Transport".

  1. Office will notify Volunteer of the time and place of pick-up.
  2. In the vehicle, you may be asked to assist clients from their own door to vehicle, via steps or hoist. (If necessary)
  3. Instruction on operation of hoist, for bus, will be given in your Orientation before you are asked to use it!
  4. After client enters the vehicle, make sure they are safely seated and that their seat-belts are secure!
    If they are in a wheelchair, they must be strapped in securely, before the vehicle moves off!
  5. At the destination, please assist the client from the vehicle, and if necessary, into where the appointment is i.e doctor's surgery, etc.
  6. If asked by driver, collect fare/contribution from client and mark on client list!
  7. DO NOT force your assistance onto clients, some are very independent!
  8. On return to pick-up point/s, you may be asked to assist the client from the vehicle to their own door! (If necessary)

Driver using the Service's vehicle's:-

  1. Pick up Run Sheet, keys, phone & log-book from Office.
  2. Collect vehicle from where it is parked.
    (usually at the Shire Council depot)
  3. Plan most convenient route.
  4. Collect client/s from pick-up address/s.
    Allow plenty of time to get to destination.
  5. Drive client/s to destination, making sure
    you organize with them a time to pick them up.
  6. Collect client/s from appointed place, at time arranged, and return client/s to their own destination/s.
  7. Collect client/s contribution and issue a receipt.
  8. Re-fuel vehicle, clean windscreen front & back, and return to parking place.
  9. Complete details on Run Sheet and tidy interior of vehicle.
  10. Return Run Sheet, keys, phone, log-book, and monies collected, to the Office, and get a receipt.
  11. If Office closed, then follow Policy for late returns.

Sounds Great doesn't it?

If you still want to be a Volunteer, then please contact us!
You really will be pleased that you did!!!

Volunteer enquiry

We would just love to "Welcome you on-board!"

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)
is jointly funded by the New South Wales and Federal Governments.


"Although funding to
Tumut District Community Transport
has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government."

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